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Just Reflecting

I was thinking and praying about what I was going to post and I began to think and read over some of my past posts - reading, reflecting, and mediating. 
One thing about being a writer is that your writing first reaches and speaks to you before sharing it with anyone else.

As a young writer, it’s been so awesome to see my personal growth, and I have to say that I’m proud and grateful to God for my writing journey and the privilege to be able to write with the intention of glorifying God and edifying His people.

Today’s is a short post, but I love being able to slow down a little and just look back on the words that I’ve written in the past and how much it did and still does speak to me, and challenge and encourage me.

It’s a good thing to reflect back. Reflect back on what God has spoken to you, what He’s done and how much you’ve grown. To God Be The Glory.

I Pray You’re Having A Wonderful Week.

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