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I'm Finally Back

Ok, so let’s just state the obvious, it’s been over two months since the last time I posted. Crazy, I know. Life has been crazy for sure, and busy, and new things are happening in my life, and apparently I needed to step away.
I will say, some of the minor breaks I’ve had this year were because I needed to step away, but mostly because I didn’t have sufficient time to complete a full post worthy of publishing, or I was drawing a little bit of a blank. 

To be honest, there’s been a lot going on with me personally and I am growing in my writing and editing skills, but I seemed to have been struggling to publish every week, as of recently. 

I tend to put pressure on myself to publish every week, so I feel absolutely horrible, but honestly it’s not even that I need to, but I want to be at least some kind of consistent for those of you who read my blog. 

Starting this blog was, honestly, more so for me in my writing journey - to write consistently, and to put my writing out there, so it’s impo…

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